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Square Feet

This Condo Sold Fast and it’s Not a Coincidence. Selling properties is a combination of science and art. A lot of things have to come together for a successful result: the right time, competitive price and targeted marketing. The right Realtor knows how to navigate the deep waters of the fast moving Real Estate market and how to get clients the results that they want. The wrong Realtor might sink your ship and with it ruin your chances of getting the best price for your property.
The first few days of the new listing are crucial! The Buyers for your place are probably already on the market actively looking for listings in their price range. Listing your property too high scares the right Buyers away and helps your neighbours sell their places before yours. Setting the asking price in a competitive way is a result of market knowledge, experience and thorough research. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you were looking to buy a place, you would be looking at every listing that fits your criteria. So potentially every listing currently on the market with similar sq footage, number of bedrooms, location and price is your competition. It’s better to be the best priced listing in the area and create a bidding war for your place than to be “Oh, that place that has been sitting on the market for the past 50 days…I wonder what’s wrong with it?” place.
I get asked all the time, “What is the best time to sell?”. The answer is simple, the best time is when You are Ready. I have successfully sold properties in the winter, summer, spring and fall (even Christmas time). Traditionally, spring and fall are considered “the best and busiest times”. However, everybody heard about that and guess what, comes March there are 3000 new listings for sale! And now, you are competing against other sellers who all thought that spring is the best time to sell. The funny part is that, motivated buyers are already active in January and February but there is hardly any inventory. If the same spring seller has listed their place for sale a month earlier there would be a competition among Buyers and not Sellers.
Marketing. There are many ways to market a property: open house, Facebook and Instagram ads, flyers, signs, cold calls, email blast to database, promoting listings to realtors in the area, etc. All of it works, as long as your Realtor actually does that. What has proven very effective for me is pre-listing marketing campaign. Everyone is looking for something exclusive, something that no one else has access to. Advertising a listing before it even hits the market is a great way to generate interest and let potential Buyers feel like they are winning by finding something that nobody else has access to.
If you are considering selling your place, I strongly recommend working with a professional in your area. Let’s get together for a a quick consultation and see if what I offer can help you get the results that you are looking for.